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The Farepak Response Fund has now closed. 

If you need further information about claiming from the administrators please visit www.farepak.co.uk

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Failure of Fairpack

Farepak Hampers began trading in 1969 from Westmead Drive, Westlea, Swindon. By 2004, Farepak employed 130 core staff.

Farepak were a convenient way to save for Christmas by ordering your goods in advance and making weekly payments thereafter. Customers could also become Agents and secure their own client base (normally family, friends and work colleagues).

Farepak ceased trading in 2006 and failed to deliver the promised christmas hampers to thousands of people resulting in a very dry christmas for many people living below the poverty line.

Many believe this was a disaster waiting to happen. Unlike ordinary savings schemes, Christmas clubs are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and, as such, are vulnerable to abuse by less than scrupulous operators. The FSA protects the public to the tune of £31,700 in the event that a bank goes bust, taking our money with it. But it does not extend to entities such as Christmas clubs.


This site is being updated to give you as much information about Good Will Vouchers and the Boxes of Farepak goods.

You can now check to see if you are receiving vouchers and the Royal Mail secure delivery code by Clicking Here.

You can also now check to see if you will be receiving box(es) of Farepak goods by Clicking Here.


A number of agents have contacting us stating that they have not received the correct amount of vouchers based on our 17% calculation. The calculation is an average.

The calculation is based on the amount of money paid into the Farepak account between 1st January 2006 and 12th October 2006, Any transaction made before 1st January 2006 and after 12th October 2006 are not included in our calculation when working out your share of the goodwill gesture. Please remember that this is a goodwill gesture made up of donation given by companies and individuals, it is not compensation of any kind.


The Farepak Response Fund received various donations after the closing date of 29 November 2006 and with this we have been able to buy partially made up hampers that were in the Farepak warehouse.


Not all the goods that were ordered had been delivered to Farepak. However, we are distributing what goods were received (non-perishable items only). All agents who had ordered hampers will receive a number of boxes to share amongst customers who had ordered hampers. This means you will not receive the specific goods you ordered and no fresh or frozen goods will be included.


A third party logistics company called Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL), have offered to deliver these goods to your agent free of charge and at their own expense. They are totally unrelated to Farepak and are doing this as a goodwill gesture.


Deliveries will start on Thursday 14 December 2006 and should be completed in time for Christmas.


This goodwill gesture is in addition to the distribution of vouchers, which is already underway.


Total Donations received. £6,800,000